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Whilst staring outside my office window I felt the need to just abandon my photocopying and write a random blog post. Today I’ve been thinking a lot about work and how tedious the thought of being stuck in this office all the time would be, I know I need to work to be able to live but doesn’t it suck that we all spend like 80% (Pension age is forever going up..) of our time working. Obviously some people enjoy their jobs, which must be wonderful but I need to create an action plan. I’ve been through the ‘trying to do the University thing’ and soon found out it really wasn’t for me so I bailed out to go travelling with my boyfriend.¬†As much as I adore travelling I always feel like I’m gallivanting about selfishly doing what I want, I’m my own worst enemy. I feel annoyed when I’m bored at work and then I feel guilty when I’m enjoying myself too much travelling! So.. my action plan is to make YouTube videos whilst travelling that might provide enjoyment to others and even inspire them to want to travel the world as well?

From December 27th onwards me and my boyfriend will be travelling as far as we can with the limited money we’d have saved up! We’re beginning in India and maybe ending up in Austria?! (random I know..) Whilst were out there we’re going to post weekly travel vlogs of what we get up to! This time we’re doing some volunteering so we’ll be able to upload a variety of different videos. Whilst robin (travel buddy/boyfriend) is busy editing away I’m going to do a weekly diary post on this blog, so I can upload a weekly video with a diary bloggy section to go with it! I’m feeling very motivated now but I have a lot of travel prepping and planning to do so I’m going to spend the rest of today looking through travel blogs for help.

This is what we’ve created so far… Travowl. Hopefully this will be of interest to someone and we will be regularly uploading from December onwards, maybe this will be my thing?!

Hope everyone is enjoying life either daydreaming about doing fun things or actually doing them!!


Lyndsey ūüôā



The hills are alive!


This is the part where I randomly add 3 videos to this blog to lamely show off our travel vlogs! I realised that I enjoy making videos about our trips more than writing about them so our YouTube channel Travowl¬†begins….

I do love writing diaries about our trips so I might continue that, but for now me and my boyfriend Robin are making videos of every trip we go on! We’re currently saving like mad at the moment so we can go backpacking around India and Australia this winter! Our flight is booked for Dec 27th and from then onwards we are going to do weekly vlogs of our trip! We’re not the most experienced travellers so we tend to get ourselves in funny situations, almost always ending with diarreah, groping, intense sunburn and laughing at each others misfortunes. Sounds like great fun, I always find it funny how travelling seems so amazing when your home and missing it but when ¬†your out there it’s like constant diarreah, food poisoning every other week, bites everywhere, smelly bodies, smelly beds, painful bodies and home sickness. Yet we still love it!!!

South America – Part 1


After just getting back from our trip to South America I suddenly panicked and realised I left this blog a little empty. I had this big plan that I was going to document the entire trip on this blog, instead I rambled into my diary. However, we documented our trip through the power of vlogging! So to update Travowl I will insert a travel vlog that my boyfriend Robin made of our trip!

More videos to come soon – Our Youtube channel Travowl is currently being updated with some more travel vlogs, let me know what you think!!!

Day 5 and 6 : Waiting for Cambodia and scary border!


16th June 2014

Morning! –¬†still stuck in Pattaya. Our bus to Cambodia (Siem Reap) doesn’t leave until 3am tonight so we’ve got¬†a lot of waiting around. We have had way too much time here which is annoying because we only have 6 weeks away, but hey ho, Cambodia tomorrow! We went on a long walk to find out where the bus station is, getting lost at 3am does not sound like my idea of fun so we made sure we were prepped. I feel like I’ve now adjusted to the humidity here now, not even burnt yet! Robin went out for about an hour and came back with tomato face, I always get into naggy Lyndsey mode with the sun cream lectures but he never listens.

The rain has decided to pour down relentlessly pretty much all morning so were stuck at the hostel playing shithead! I’ve always been rubbish at card games but shithead is working out well for me so far, that and rummy! Luckily I’m behind on Game of Thrones at the moment so I was able to binge watch it a little, The Battle of Castle Black! Jon Snow never fails to amaze me, if they ever kill him I will not be a happy bunny.

Had a quick stop at 7/11 to amuse ourselves, haha we’re in Thailand, and going to a supermarket is the only way to entertain us.

pattay 7 11

Apparently these are the best things since sliced bread..

fancy roll

Finished the evening with a mini tiff with Robin, it’s because we’re together 24/7,¬†we ended it quickly whilst eating cheese and ham toasties and fancy rolls.

17th June 2014

Hello Siem Reap! Not the best start to the day – Groggy Lyndsey. Also my backpack seems to be getting heavier, I’m so puny and weak. Off to the border this morning to buy our visa, I read about this process when researching into this trip and it really did worry me. I’m always panicky when I go to border crossings, I get this irrational fear that they’re going to randomly pick on me and refuse to let me in. It’s the fear of being trapped somewhere with no escape. I wanted to vom from my mouth and bum. Wow I’m such a pleasant being. My other worry is Malaria. What a strange statement, what I mean is I failed to buy any malaria tablets for this trip because I was working at McDonalds and my budget was so tight meaning that I am at risk in certain areas of South East Asia. Now we are entering into a low risk area I think, the border in particular is the risk area so I am now¬†about to cover my body in this toxic looking repellent. Graham and Robin are so chilled about it, why am I always the stressy one?!

Toilet stop – It’s a strange sensation doing your business on these.

toilet stop

VISA TIME – Now that we have arrived at our hostel in Siem Reap I can calmly write a normal diary entry, got a bit freaked out earlier about the whole mosquito thing. The visa cost us 50 dollars in total which is what we had originally expected, one thing I will say is that when we did get through the border so many of the locals came up to us trying to sell us a cheaper visa, totally legit. We ignored them all and went directly to the main visa office which is easily noticeable.

QUICK TIP: Ignore anyone randomly approaching you trying to help you obtain a cheap visa, they see pound signs in tourists so be careful. Also, we had a guy who was directing us to the main visa office which was fine but he seemed to linger around us after wards and directed us to a taxi. Ignore this as well as they never really want to be helpful they just want money, we ended up finding our own taxi and working out the price on our own with them.

Just booked a 2 day tour of Angkor Wat leaving tomorrow which is my brothers birthday!! It cost us 18 dollars in total which isn’t too bad as we get picked up from our hostel and driven around the temples on a Tuk Tuk! Our hostel is called the¬†‘Tom & Jerry Hostel’ quite a unique name! So far so good, the room is nice and clean and we have our own private bathroom and a¬†baby gecko has joined us!¬†The staff are really friendly and were super helpful just then when we booked our tour, all of this for just ¬£2.68 per night – perfect! Now that I’ve just said there seems to be insects everywhere, BUT it’s because we have the windows open and it’s mosquito central here in Cambodia. I’m either going to stink of mosquito repellent or be covered in bites. However, every cloud has a silver lining – we have a bum wash!

Finding the currency a tad confusing over here because you can either pay with dollars or with Cambodian Riel, both have a different exchange rate. I have downloaded a decent app though called XE Currency so that’s working well for me at the moment. Just got back from the supermarket and stocked up on cereal, Robin thought it would be a great idea to pour the milk into the giant box of cereal and eat it from there without a spoon. That idea ended with me nearly peeing myself with laughter and a soggy box of coco pops all over the floor.

The aftermath of the coco pops incident.


Time for lots of sweaty sleep.


Day 4: Done with Pattaya


15th June 2014

Woke up feeling re-energized and ready to venture only to find out there really isn’t much else to do in Pattaya apart from stare at ladyboys and visit the beach. In hindsight we should be leaving Pattaya today rather than tomorrow, Google images deceived us. Going to the beach wasn’t a great option today as the weather hasn’t been that great, it’s certainly not cold its just very rainy on and off.

heaidn gback

Bailing on the beach- Much cold, Many rain

¬†¬†¬†¬† We headed to the local water park because the inner child in me will forever love going to them and it was pretty cheap as everything seems to be over here! Cheap and cheerful is the best way to describe it, there were a few decent water slides and we did enjoy it but the rain cut it short a wee bit. OOoo! I remember the highlight of today, this is going to sound really mean but it was so funny at the time. Robin has now started wearing glasses full time,big geek style glasses and when we were¬†on the massive water slide he plunged into the water face first and his glasses ran away! They literally flew off his face and drown, Robin shouted ‘I LOST MY GLASSES’ in the funniest way but then he found them 5 seconds later. That was definitely one of those stories where its only funny when your there, you know? I seem to be laughing at all of robins misfortunes on this trip, I’m one of them people. I’ve even made a list of them:

  • ¬†“I LOST MY GLASSES” incident
  • Shower gel leaking in wash bag
  • Lobster sunburn in cloudy weather
  • First one of the group to get the shits!

This list is rather mediocre now but it’ll get there, the banter is unreal. #bantz4lyf

We finished the day with a massive pizza (Coming to Thailand and ordering westernized¬†food, tut tut) and a¬†trip to the fish spa¬†which was wonderful! They are called ‘garra rufa’ and they literally eat¬†any dead skin¬† on your feet to leave them feeling silky smooth. I wouldn’t say they felt silky smooth but we all had rather sweaty feet so it gave them a good clean up. They eat¬†dead skin, how disgusting is that! The best day for them would be to just nibble at dirty human feet. Whatever floats their boat.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Ditching Pattaya now!!”


Take a minute to appreciate the old man face he is pulling.

Next stop: Siem Reap – Cambodia